Pedestrian Laboratory (PEDSIM)

The planned pedestrian laboratory (PEDSIM) will support safe experimental research in a repeatable fashion in which a variety of variables with respect to Automated Vehicle (AV) design, warning system design, and intersection configuration can be studied.  The experiments can also look at the impacts of a wide range of human factors including age, vision and mobility.

Mock-up of the University of Leeds Pedestrian Simulator (PEDSIM), in collaboration with ARUP.

The PEDSIM will consist of a Virtual Reality (VR) simulator that will allow a participant to experience a variety of urban configurations and interact with new vehicles and urban robots. The pedestrian laboratory will track the participant’s performance in a variety of tasks to compare the effectiveness of various designs.

What will make the PEDSIM unique in the world is its very high-resolution displays combined with its large walkable environment (9 metres by 4 metres) and its integration with driving simulators to test interactions between pedestrians and drivers.

Expected completion: September 2018.