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Work with us

The ITS Human Factors & Safety group delivers bespoke solutions to complex sector challenges, based on highly accurate research conducted from within the University of Leeds Driving Simulator suite.

Our clients and research partners get

  • access to the UK's top, independent, motion-controlled driving simulators and immersive pedestrian simulator
  • expert support from a multidisciplinary team of researchers and technicians

Depending on your organisational needs, we can offer an all-inclusive service using our driving simulator and in-house expertise to conduct research and/or clinical studies

This service includes:

  • writing in-house simulation software to create given scenarios for testing, in line with your research needs
  • high-volume recruitment of volunteer drivers to give the research critical mass
  • tight project management of the testing phase
  • professional, independent analysis and reporting of results
  • a set of recommended outcomes for your organisation

Please send us details of the issues you need to investigate, along with your name, organisation, email and phone number. We will then contact you to discuss the project in more depth, and subsequently, draw up a quote for the planning and implementation of the work.

For further information contact Professor Natasha Merat