Cities are entering a new age where innovative technologies could dramatically change the way people move. Fresh insight is required to understand how we will react to these emerging mobility options.

Bringing together expertise from our major research facilities – including the University of Leeds Driving Simulator and Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Virtuocity will be a proving ground in which new technologies, data and models are harnessed to help us address such questions as:

  • What should mobility of the future be like?
  • What does technology provide?
  • What will people choose, accept and pay for?
  • What does the resulting city look like?

Local authorities wish to design their city to be efficient and sustainable, have a vibrant urban centre with reasonable transit times and to encourage healthy lifestyles. Automotive companies and mobility service providers are seeking to understand how to design their products to maximise revenues. The best way to address these issues is through end-user focused co-production and public engagement. Virtuocity will therefore:

  • Work collaboratively with end-users, industry partners and decision makers to answer pressing questions and co-produce new solutions
  • Bring together a commanding set of shared data and models
  • Encourage and support safe, efficient and sustainable mobility
  • Explain and demonstrate new and emerging mobility options
  • Focus on the end-user and gather feedback on user acceptance, interest and choices.

The University has an extensive and internationally recognised set of research experience across the disciplines of social sciences, engineering and medicine. Virtuocity will combine these so that any researcher can use them in their investigations. Corporate and public partners can also integrate their software, simulations, data or models thereby maximising the research capability of Virtuocity.

An interactive environment for decision-makers, business partners and researchers will be at the heart of Virtuocity to help explore scenarios. Partners will be provided with a competitive edge through access to a unique combination of facilities, world-leading research and key academic expertise to accelerate the creation of innovative solutions.

For more information on Virtuocity download the brochure.