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Static Simulators

Built in 2022 we have added two static simulators to our facilities suite equipped with Fanatec gaming steering wheels and pedals. When connected to our existing simulator software architecture these simulators allow for testing of scenarios pre deployment onto our motion simulators and for use with projects not requiring a full immersive environment.

Display can be provided through wide angled HD monitors or through HTC Vive Pro 2 head mounted displays.

Static Sim 1: Located in its own laboratory space this sim is equipped with the latest SmartEye eye tracking cameras and data processing systems and a secondary screen for participant interaction during experiments. In early 2023 High Definition independent wing and rear view mirror displays were integrated into the set up to allow for a more realistic spatial view.

Static Sim 2: Located in a flexible working space Static Sim 2 is equipped with a HTC Vive Pro 2 head mounted display and HD Monitor as default but can be modified to suit experimental needs.

Both static sims are compatible our range of data collection equipment such as EEG, skin conductance and heart rate monitors.

For further information visit Work with us or contact Professor Natasha Merat at