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Next Event: 10th and 11th June 2024

3rd Human-Centered VRU Simulation Workshop


Static Sim Upgrade

We're delighted to have successfully deployed an update to one of our static simulators to allow for a more detailed and adaptable set-up for studies that do not require the full immersion and motion of our 8 degree of freedom Driving Simulator. Our developer team have added independent HD-quality rear view and wing mirrors, and a...

Simulator Refurbishment Begins

Cutting-edge research equipment is receiving an upgrade 18 years after it first came into service at the University. Time has been called on the current generation of our advanced driving simulator in Virtuocity – a unique programme for city simulation and co-design – with the retirement of the much-loved Jaguar S-Type interface vehicle. Launched in 2006, the...

3rd Human-Centered VRU Simulation Workshop - Call for Contributions and Register your interest

In order to investigate the traffic system in all its complexity, it is elementary to take all participants into account, including pedestrians and cyclists, the so-called Vulnerable Road Users (VRU). As simulator developers and users, we are facing a range of challenges: Providing sufficient cues for human perception to allow for realistic behaviour, designing appropriate...

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