Truck Simulator (TruckSIM)

The TruckSIM advanced commercial vehicle simulator is the latest addition to the University of Leeds Driving Simulator (UoLDS). The Truck SIM is based on a Volvo cab and built around an AutoSim AS1300 ‘top-of-the-range’ commercial simulator system to provide a flexible and realistic platform for undertaking a range of advanced research investigations.

The technology

  • Computer-monitored steering wheel with a haptic force feedback system.
  • Speed and RPM meters reflecting the current simulation situation.
  • Rear-view mirrors with simulated LED displays showing the actual mirror scenery during simulated driving.
  • Functioning directional and handbrake and other instruments set to realistic pre-set values.
  • Fitted with a sound system, plus a motion system, consisting of magnetic actuators which provide the motion cues to for a realistic driving experience.

The Truck SIM is enhanced with an advanced Smart Eye Pro 3D eye-tracking system, tracking the human eye gaze during natural head movements in a wide continuous field of view. This captures high-fidelity information about the driver’s focus and attention which can be matched to performance data from the Truck SIM driver interfaces to explore driver responses to different experimental cues and road environments and scenarios.