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Static Sim Upgrade

General update

We're delighted to have successfully deployed an update to one of our static simulators to allow for a more detailed and adaptable set-up for studies that do not require the full immersion and motion of our 8 degree of freedom Driving Simulator. Our developer team have added independent HD-quality rear view and wing mirrors, and a high-powered image generation computer. This compliments the installed Smart Eye driver monitoring system, allowing us to record and study more realistic head and eye movements than our previous set-up. As with all our simulators, scenarios can be custom developed to suit research needs and we have retained compatibility with all of our wearable data collection tools including heart rate monitoring and skin conductance sensors. 

This is one of two static simulators we have at Virtuocity. Our 2nd system is located in a flexible workspace and is equipped with an HTC Vive Pro 2 head mounted display and a HD wide screen monitor as default but can be modified to suit experimental needs. 

Our static simulators provide ideal conditions for projects for our postdoctoral staff and PhD students. They are a valuable testbed for full research and commercial studies before they move into the full motion simulator. If you would like any further information on the simulators or our studies please contact Prof Natasha Merat on or Pete Woodthorpe on